And I thought everything was bigger in Texas… Iowa has been pretty impressive thus far! #familyvacation #iowa #yummy (at Iowa Machine Shed)

Yeah - there was no stopping us once it landed in our table. #greatplainspizza #ames #familyvacation (at Great Plains Sauce and Dough Co.)

“I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.”



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@coolbeans1326 is not too pleased with being on the road for a second day … #arewethereyet #roadtrip #summer #vacation


Anonymous asked:

I'm in high school and my biggest strength is history. I got an 100 on the state exam and finished the year off with a 94 in AP. But I've always felt lesser to those who excel in the sciences or math. Is this a valuable strength for the future? I'm also very good at English.




I certainly hope it is valuable as I’ve committed myself to it! Well done on those results, that’s very impressive! Excelling in history (and other arts courses) is no less valuable than in sciences. Excelling in anything is great, it doesn’t matter if it’s quantum physics or sports and cooking - be proud of what you achieve. As for history as a valuable strength in the future it depends what you want to do. History is a very attractive university degree for employers and studying it at school gives you great skills - it shows you can write well (because of all the essays), can read and understand complicated material, argue a point well, and just generally are an intelligent person. People who excel in history could end up with a career in media, museums, politics, banking etc. Obviously if you want to be a doctor it isn’t as valuable though! So yeah, be proud of what you’re good at and if you enjoy it then keep going :)

THIS. History is super useful and relevant. Period.

“I discover myself on the verge of a usual mistake.”
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Memories of my English teacher Junior year of high school … He always had us questioning everything and “diving deep” into literature.

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Me: Joins tumblr for fun

Me: starts to critically analyze almost every aspect of modern society 

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Brilliant: Open Culture digs up the perfect Japanese word for our “guilt pile” of unread materials. Best approached with another untranslatable Japanese concept, wu-wei.

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